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Residential Fire Protection Systems

Van Wall Fire Protection has been keeping peoples homes safe since 1984. Wither it is a multi story apartment complex to a small couple bedroom home, Van Wall can add that extra protection to keep your family and belongings safer.

There are many benefits to installing or adding a fire protection system to your home. Many home owners are unaware of these benefits. They can reduce insurance costs, easy to maintain, and probably more affordable than you think. If you have any questions about Van Wall helping you get started, Please reach out to us and we would be happy to help.

In a hard to reach area? We have installed residential systems from urban areas all the way to along the lake shore.  If you can get the water to the house we will make sure it gets protected.

24/7 Emergency Service

Need immediate help with a fire protection problem? Call us now to have an operator on site within an hour.

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If you’d like to schedule an estimate for installing or remodeling a fire protection system, please fill email one of our estimators.

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